Community Council

What is the Community Council?

The Community Council discusses topics that impact the community as a whole, or things which are bigger than just one team. The council normally meets every 3 months and is formed of four elected representatives from the Mautic Community, and four Acquians.

Who are on the Community Council?

NameRoleEmail address
Ruth CheesleyMautic Project Lead at Acquia[email protected]
Dries BuytaertAcquia Co-founder and CTO[email protected]
Gábor HojtsyCommunity Specialist[email protected]
John LinhartTechnical Community Lead at Acquia[email protected]
Ekkehard GümbelCommunity Representative[email protected]
Oluwatobi OwolabiCommunity Representative[email protected]
Norman PrachtCommunity Representative[email protected]
Favour KelvinCommunity Representative[email protected]

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