Writing for Mautic

We appreciate your interest in contributing to Mautic! Improving existing content is an excellent way to begin contributing. We are always looking for people to help us with writing content for our documentation, marketing and communications, and our social media campaigns. We also have a lot of technical writing opportunities in the Mautic Community, including our Knowledgebase, developers blog, and developer documentation.

As a project, we also apply to the Season of Docs each year - keep an eye on social media for future opportunities.

Getting started

The first thing to do is to join #t-marketing on Slack and introduce yourself!

Writing for the blog / website

The Marketing Team maintains a Jira board specifically for content and editorial work. Our boards are publicly accessible, but you will need an account to be assigned issues or add responses. Please drop a message in the Marketing Team channel if you need an invitation to Jira.

Once you have found an article you'd like to work on, please check the writer's brief which will be attached as a Google Doc, located in our shared drive. The brief should explain what the article should include, the audience we are intending to target, and some useful resources to help you get started.

Please write the content in the Google Doc, and when you're ready to have it reviewed just drop a message in Jira and let people know in Slack.

Please note that we do check to ensure that articles are not copied from other locations without due credit, so please do not copy/paste chunks from other websites as your content will be rejected.

It helps if you can provide an image to use with the article. This must be royalty free or a license to use the image be granted to the Mautic Community. We use Unsplash and Pixabay to find royalty free images.

Technical writers

If you're a technical writer, or interested in writing content for a technically-minded audience, we have lots of tasks in the Education Team's Jira board. There are opportunities to write for the Knowledgebase - which may include tutorials, best practice and examples of how to do specific things in Mautic.

You can also improve and update the content we have on our User Guide. We suggest beginning with any section of the documentation that is unclear, out of date, or may benefit from more description or context. If you're reading a page of documentation and thinking, "I wish this page included more information" or "This is not the manner in which these function", then that is an excellent place to start contributing!

We can also feature deep dive technical articles on the blog in the developers section, including code examples and demo applications.

The developer documentation is always looking for new contributors, so if you'd like to help by adding more examples, updating and improving the content or making suggestions for improvement, please let us know!

If there are no open issues covering the area you'd like to write on, please contact the Marketing or Education Team on Slack and explain what you'd like to write.

Work in the public domain

Unless there is significant reason not to, we default to being open and transparent. We work in the open, usually on our shared Google Drive folder. This ensures that if - for whatever reason - someone is unable to complete a task, it is easy for another contributor to pick up where they left off. It also means we can always find previous work that had been done if it needs to be re-used in the future.

Please always ensure that you upload your work at regular (ideally daily) intervals. You can use the prefix of WIP-filename to indicate that it is currently in progress.

Update regularly

Please make sure you provide regular updates on the issue in Jira, and if at any point you're not going to be able to complete the task, please call that out in a comment on the issue (or send your Team Lead a message to inform them) so that somebody else can pick it up.

We totally understand that life happens and it's easy to take on too much. No judgement at all! We try to be respectful of each other by ensuring we give as much notice as possible if we're not going to be able to fulfil a task assigned to us.

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