On-boarding new contributors effectively is a hugely important part of our community.

If new contributors feel welcomed, able to use their time effectively and make a real difference which is recognised by the community, we all benefit.

They feel their time is well spent, the Mautic project benefits from their skills and expertise, and we all move forward together.

People need to be able to quickly determine how they can offer their skills, find projects with open tasks, and be supported in making their first contributions.

While each team will have some aspects of the on-boarding process in common, there are some elements which will be universal across all teams.

General on-boarding - tools

  1. Anybody involved with the Mautic Community will need a Slack account - go to mautic.org/slack to sign up.

  2. Anybody contributing to Mautic teams will need to have a Google account, so that they can save their work in the shared Google Drive folder.

  3. The Mautic Community use Jira for task management in all teams. Go to mautic.atlassian.net and sign up for a new account (free of charge). If you need any help please ask in #community on Slack.

  4. Anybody who is involved in code-based contributions will need to sign the Mautic Contributors Agreement, which can be done online here.

  5. Anybody who is involved with code, QA, testing or providing feedback will need to have a GitHub account, sign up at github.com.

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