Marketing Team

Mission and expectations

To promote Mautic to new and potential users and develop an awareness of the Open Source project

The Mautic marketing team is responsible for spreading the Mautic Story in general and notify the community about changes made in the product. The goal for this is to keep the existing community active and involved and gain interest of new possible users and make them enthusiastic about Mautic.

Marketing Message

  • Know market shares and competition
  • Understand the real competitive positionings
    • Features that are actually important for users (existing or missing in Mautic)
    • Features that are important for marketing
    • Future topics (AI, etc)
  • Understand values, refine Mautic USPs
  • Define communication focus points with messaging strategy and core messages
  • Provide input to Product Team (regarding view on features)

Marketing Channels and tasks

  • Website
    • Ownership of content
    • Make and secure content strategy, analyze it and propose changes
    • Writing content for (landing) pages
    • Writing blogs on a regular basis
    • Monitor SEO rankings, track opportunities, propose changes to the copywriters
    • Analyse website data and provide actionable insights.
    • Support guests (others than members of this team) to post on the website
  • Social Media
    • Post posts/stories, show that Mautic is an actively developed and used Marketing Automation tool. Inspire followers with use cases, examples, etc.
    • Moderate/Respond comments. Grow followers
  • Newsletter
    • Sending out newsletters on a regular basis. Keep existing users involved, inspire them and notify them on (upcoming) changes.
  • Other
    • Provide marketing basics and templates to others

Profiles of contributors needed in this team

The marketing team needs the following skills and expertise:

  • Digital Marketing Strategists
  • Designers
  • Copywriters
  • SEOs
  • Social Media Management

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