Leadership Role Definitions

Project Lead

The Project Lead is appointed by the Mautic Council.

The most important aspect of the role of the Project Lead is to enable Mautic to succeed, and more specifically to:

  • Create a vision for the project and determine strategy
  • Inspire volunteers and contribution in all areas
  • Enable and create structures and processes that support community contribution
  • Facilitate, but also be part of, high-level decision making (e.g. strategic decisions) in the Mautic Council, where the Project Lead also has a casting vote.

and also to:

  • Represent Mautic in public, internally and externally
  • Providing a deep knowledge of all areas of the product, and also of the industry
  • Ensuring that the community teams are focused and on track, removing bottlenecks and addressing any conflicts which hold back progress
  • Generally: Lead in the best sense of the word

This includes (but is not limited to) creating and supporting community structures, supporting team leads in organising and managing their teams, and empowering volunteers.

The Project Lead also has primary responsibility for supporting in-person events and meetups, global events like Mauticon, and being a bridge between the community and key stakeholders.

They hold overall responsibility for all the Community channels such as the Forums, Slack, Mautic.org etc. and support the community teams who manage these channels.

The Project Lead owns the community and product strategy. They help teams to understand how they can mobilise resources to execute against the community strategy, and support teams in any matters relating to community management.

The Project Lead also has the ability to appoint and remove volunteers to roles in the community teams. Where the community makes such decisions as outlined in the governance model, the Project Lead reserves a right of veto over a nomination (for important reasons only).

The same applies to strategic decisions - there is a right to veto strategic decisions, but the intention is that this should only be used in exceptional circumstances where it has not been possible to reach a consensus.

Team Lead

  • Community elected
  • Responsible for leading a team
  • Oversees Working Groups and co-ordinates activities across the team
  • Organises Team Meetings
  • Liaises with other Team Leads
  • Sits on the relevant Steering Group

Assistant Team Lead

  • Community elected
  • Supports the Team Lead
  • Liaises with other Teams
  • Sits on the relevant Steering Group

Working Group Lead

  • Community elected
  • Leads a specific Working Group
  • Leads and/or empowers others to lead Working Group projects
  • Appoints cross-team liaisons where projects span multiple teams

Working Group Assistant Lead

  • Community elected
  • Supports the Working Group Lead

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