As the world's first Open Source Marketing Automation platform, we have quite a challenge on our hands!

Most people in Open Source circles have never heard of Marketing Automation. They don't even know there's an Open Source alternative to the tools they are using.

Many people in the wider world have never heard of Marketing Automation - they don't know what benefits it could bring to their organizations, or that they could access these benefits by using an Open Source tool.

You can imagine, therefore, how many people actually know about Mautic!

That's why we need your help :)

The Mautic Community Marketing Team

We have a Marketing Team which you can read more about here.

The team holds regular meetings, which anybody can join - just hop into the Slack channel and you'll get a notification when the next meeting is coming up.

The Marketing Team work publicly on a Jira board and have our editorial calendar on Jira also, where you can see the tasks that are currently being worked on and their status.

Your first task

After joining the Jira board and the Slack channel, find a task in the Jira board that you would like to help with. Ask one of the team to add you to Jira and then assign yourself to the issue.

Leave a comment on the issue to let others know you would like to work on the task, and ask any questions or raise any points of clarification. Please ask if you need any help from the team. When you start working on the task, move it to the 'in progress' status.

Work in the public domain

Unless there is significant reason not to, we default to being open and transparent. We work in the open, usually on our shared Google Drive folder or by sharing our work with the team on our Canva account. This ensures that if - for whatever reason - someone is unable to complete a task, it is easy for another contributor to pick up where they left off. It also means we can always find previous work that had been done if it needs to be re-used in the future.

Please always ensure that you upload your work at regular (ideally daily) intervals. You can use the file prefix of WIP-filename to indicate that it is currently in progress.

Update regularly

Please make sure you provide regular updates on the issue in Jira, and if at any point you're not going to be able to complete the task, please call that out in a comment on the issue (or send your Team Lead a message to inform them) so that somebody else can pick it up.

We totally understand that life happens and it's easy to take on too much. No judgement at all! We try to be respectful of each other by ensuring we give as much notice as possible if we're not going to be able to fulfil a task assigned to us.

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