Code of Conduct Breaches

Why do we need this policy?

Having a Code of Conduct is important - it allows us to define how we expect people to behave in our community. We need to have an agreed workflow and process that will be followed in the event of a breach by a Community member of the Code of Conduct.

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to every member of the Mautic Community and every contributor of the Project.

Submitting a report

Pursuant the Mautic Code of Conduct (CoC), any individual may submit an incident report to the Community Manager or Project Lead. They will review the incident and propose recommended actions and/or sanctions. Where appropriate, cases may be escalated to the Community Council.

Incident Processing

  • An incident report is received by Community Manager or Product Lead (receiving party) and shared with the Community Council within 24 hours of receipt.
  • The incident report is shared by the receiving party with the reported person (who has committed the breach) and they are given 7 days to submit a response
  • The incident report will be reviewed and discussed at the next available Council Meeting after the 7 days have elapsed or a response is received, whichever is sooner. Should the incident be of a serious matter and requires immediate action, the Community Council may call a Special Council Meeting to discuss it.
  • The Community Council shall propose sanctions according to those laid out in this Policy.
  • The Community Council shall notify all involved parties in accordance with this Policy.

Proposed sanctions

1st offenceWarning to the offender. Apology to offended within 7 days required. Nature of apology to be determined by the nature of offence. If the offence was committed in public (i.e at an event or publicly on the internet) , a public apology will be required. If the offence happened in a team or more private setting, an apology to all people who witnessed the offence will be sufficient.* Should apology be refused by the offender, sanction will be escalated to second offence automatically.
2nd offence3 month ban
3rd offence6 month ban
4th offence12 month ban
5th offenceLifetime Ban by full Community Council vote

Terms of a Ban

The inflicted ban shall be considered as “Full Ban” from the project including, but not limited to, access and privileges to any and all Mautic Channels, Forums, Websites, Systems, Events, and Activities (including speaking at events, in blog posts and on social media on behalf of the Mautic Community or Project).

End of Ban

After the Ban period, the user will be reinstated as a registered user, without any administrative or leadership rights or privileges. The ban will remain on the record of the offender for a period of 18 months from the end of the ban. The ban will then be removed from the offender’s record and levels of recommended sanctions will reset to those of 1st Offence.

Other sanctions

The Community Council might consider other types or duration of sanctions according to the severity of the violation.


The Community Council shall notify all the interested parties (offender and offended) upon any action taken in relation to the Code of Conduct incident reported. When a ban is implemented, the name of the banned person and the effective dates of the ban will be published on the Mautic Community website for the reference of the community at large to ensure no speaking or other engagements are made with the offender during the period of their ban.

Active sanctions

Yosu CadillaRepeated personal attacks following formal warningPermanent ban enacted June 6, 2023

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