Web developer

Managing the Mautic websites

The Mautic Community has several web assets which require regular updates, improvements and development of new features.

If you're a keen web developer and have experience with Drupal or Grav, we'd love to hear from you!

While our main mautic.org website is hosted by Acquia, it is our responsibility to drive new developments and innovations.

We'd love to build a web development team in the community specifically to look after our web properties and keep us moving forward.

Getting started

The first step is to join our Slack instance and head over to the #mautic-community-website channel. This is a shared channel with Acquia - the team who provide the 'keep the lights on' support are present in the channel.

Our website is maintained on a private GitHub repository, so if you're wanting to help support the main mautic.org site you will need to be granted access.

Our other Grav-based websites are maintained by the Education Team who are on Slack in #t-education.

The websites supported by this team include:

These are all maintained via a GitHub repository, with editable links at the bottom of each page.

Your first task

After joining the Slack channels, ask in the channel for a task to work on. The teams don't at this time have a specific list of tasks in Jira or GitHub.

Work in the public domain

Unless there is significant reason not to, we default to being open and transparent. We work in the open, usually on our shared Google Drive folder or on GitHub pull requests. This ensures that if - for whatever reason - someone is unable to complete a task, it is easy for another contributor to pick up where they left off. It also means we can always find previous work that had been done if it needs to be re-used in the future.

Please always ensure that you upload/push your work at regular (ideally daily) intervals. You can use the prefix of WIP- to indicate that your work is currently in progress.

Update regularly

Please make sure you provide regular updates on any tasks you are working on, and if at any point you're not going to be able to complete the task, please call that out by sending the Team Lead a message to inform them so that somebody else can pick it up.

We totally understand that life happens and it's easy to take on too much. No judgement at all! We try to be respectful of each other by ensuring we give as much notice as possible if we're not going to be able to fulfil a task assigned to us.

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