Product Team

Missions and expectations for the Product team

To manage all aspects of the product release cycle and roadmap for the Mautic Open Source project


  • Manage [email protected] inbox
  • Check all dependencies updates to be aware of any security issues
  • Work on all security issues by PR on private security repo
  • Release security patch or manage with Release WG to include security fixes
  • Maintain a historical security advisory list


  • Manage release timeline once the release is decided: define testing period, lock assigned PRs, merge, create the package, pre-release and release.
  • Testing PRs and reviewing code for all included in the release
    • Define criteria for testing, QA and ensuring that all code meets the coding standards


  • Develop features requested by Roadmap/Features Definition WG
  • Review pending PR's
  • Fix issues

Features definitions

  • Benchmark competitors
  • Be aware of the market trends
  • Define user stories about features

Roadmap Design

  • Technical roadmap (security or patches)
    • Define prior bug issues to address
    • Define patch versions cadence
  • Feature roadmap (minor & major versions)
    • Define prior feature to to address (see with Feature definition WG)
    • Define minor and major cadence / vision
    • Define LTS version

Profiles of contributors needed in this team

The product team needs the following skills and expertise:

  • Developers/Engineers
  • Marketers (for Feature Definitions WG)
  • Mautic users (for tests in Releases WG)
  • Project co-ordinator (helping in Releases WG & Roadmap Design WG)

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