Community Team

Mission and expectations

We want more and more people to feel at home in the Mautic community. And we want to inspire & enable them to contribute to our cause.

General Tasks

  • Support growth of the global as well as the local communities
  • Help the Mautic community be most ethical, accessible and inclusive
  • Provide really easy starting points for contribution
  • Organize and support Mautic events
  • Continue to improve community infrastructure
  • Connect with other Open Source communities

Sample activities


  • Keep rethinking community and contribution structures
  • Improve global community infrastructure, rearrange forums, etc
  • Define & refine official event formats
  • Help people to organize and promote local Mautic events

But also

  • Understand community personas
  • Promote and help building a business on Mautic, and explain active contribution as an important element of it
  • Find, grow and support ambassadors
  • Connect & collaborate with other communities
  • Support fundraising initiatives

Global Communities

  • Make global community more accessible, give transparency on tasks/actors/processes, and provide easy starting points
  • Reach out to previously active contributors, try to reactivate them Including: WHAT is the message? WHAT are the channels?
  • Reach out to existing passive community members, try to activate them
  • Organize global events
  • Develop an easy path from local community to global contribution

Local Communities

  • Know and work with all local communities (even Facebook/LinkedIn groups etc.)
  • Define and support official ways for building local communities (and steer existing ones to becoming official, plus inspire new ones) , help them to network and learn from each other
  • Web page that identifies official local communities, and where to find them
  • Help local events (material, speakers, tools, best practices, ...)
  • Identify per-region “liaisons”, especially in countries where Mautic is not known (not the same as ambassadors!), and establish ways of working with them, without potential others from the region being demotivated or shied away.
  • Select priority regions and work actively to spark local communities there

Profiles of contributors needed in this team

  • Everyone who is enthusiastic enough
  • As ambassadors: People in different countries who are already well-connected through other activities, and have a broad understanding of Mautic’s facets (both from the user’s and from the MarTech and even dev side, but no actual dev knowledge required)
  • Define what we call people who start or lead a community in a certain country

P.S. Definitions

Who is Community member?

Everyone who

  • Contributed code or content to Mautic
  • Visited a website to ask for Mautic support
  • Is interested in Mautic, even without ever contributing!

What is contribution?

  • All contributions are important for the success of the project, since contributions by newcomers might lead to happy and dedicated core contributors.
  • This includes mentions like “It doesn’t work on my server” which too is a valuable contribution – the underlying message being e.g. “improve documentation”.
  • Even failed contributions are essential, because of how much we can learn when we fail. Contribution from newcomers is especially valuable, because they see the project with fresh eyes.

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